China News Agency, Lhasa, July 9 Question: Tibet's "New Student" Middle School's first college entrance examination won: Let youth shine on the plateau

  China News Agency reporter Gonsanlam

  July 9 is the third day of the 2020 Chinese college entrance examination. On the morning of the same day, high school students from Alihebei Complete Middle School in Lhasa, Tibet (hereinafter referred to as “Aliwan Middle School”) successfully completed the first college entrance examination for the school after successfully completing the Tibetan examination for ethnic languages.

  A student from the third grade one of Ali's middle and high school, Yangji, comes from the Gar county in the Ali area. His family mainly lives on the pastoral industry of living on water plants. In September 2017, Yang Ji was fortunate to be the first batch of high school students in this "new student" school.

  "When I first entered the school, my academic performance ranked third in the bottom of the class. At that time, I was very uncomfortable and stressed." In order to be admitted to an ideal university, Yang Ji did not give up her studies and spent her youth hard. For her studies, her grades in all subjects were among the best in the class in her senior year.

  "I have prepared for this college entrance examination for 3 years, and I know that I will succeed someday." Yang Ji told reporters that with a little hard work and a good harvest, she believes that she will be able to enter the ideal university.

  Applying for a university in Shanghai is what Yang Ji wants. She believes that Shanghai is far away from her hometown, and going out can broaden her horizons; Shanghai's economic development and talents can give her more opportunities and platforms for learning and communication.

  Ali Wanzhong is located in the Education City of Lhasa, Tibet. It was opened in September 2017. The campus covers an area of ​​more than 240 acres. The total investment of the first phase is more than 400 million yuan. It is a full boarding high school and is also in the Ali area of ​​Tibet. The second remote school run by Lhasa.

  "Considering the natural conditions, transportation, altitude, and other factors in the Ali region, it is of far-reaching significance to open this school in Lhasa." An Yalong, deputy principal of Hebei Complete Middle School in Lhasa, introduced education as an important pillar of Ali's economic development. In the forefront.

  In Aliwan, office buildings, teaching buildings, libraries, teachers' residences, student dormitories, canteens, gymnasiums, etc. with rich Tibetan characteristics are all available. The campus has a beautiful environment, advanced facilities and complete functions. At present, the school has 216 faculty members and 2273 students.

  The Ali area is located in the southwestern border of China and the western part of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The border is more than 1,100 kilometers, and it is about 1,500 kilometers from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. 98% of the students in Ali Wanzhong come from the agricultural and pastoral areas of seven counties in the Ali area.

  An Yalong said: "As a school running in a different place, we feel a lot of pressure, but we are duty-bound."

  Ali finished the Chinese-Tibetan language teacher Sang Jiecidan from the first class since the school started, and has witnessed the growth of students from the "roof of the world's roof" in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. The children's efforts, progress and hardship are also moved. Author of the whole school faculty.

  Sang Jiecidan told reporters that three years ago, when freshmen first arrived at school, the learning foundation was weak, but after three years of high school, their grades improved significantly, especially in Tibetan language, "The average grade in the class is from 40 to 50 in the first grade of high school. Points, and it has increased to at least 80 points."

  In 2020, a total of more than 30,000 candidates in the Tibet Autonomous Region took the college entrance examination. Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Ali Wanzhong faced some challenges for the first time to face the college entrance examination. However, through the multi-line teaching online and offline, the school and teachers and students worked together to actively prepare for the exam, so that all the first college entrance examination students can safely and smoothly participate in the college entrance examination.

  At present, Aliwan Junior High School graduates are also actively preparing for the mid-term exam. The school hopes that candidates will achieve excellent results and let youth shine on the plateau. (Finish)