China News Service, Deyang, July 9 (Reporter Yang Yong) "At that time, I was a little over 100 meters away from the firecracker factory (the factory building in Nanfeng production area of ​​Sichuan Guanghan Jinyan Fireworks Co., Ltd.), and a second explosion suddenly occurred, and a brick fell from the sky. I hit the right side of my head. Fortunately, I was the only one at the time, otherwise more people were injured." On July 9, Wu Shihua, the party secretary of Yuansheng Village, Nanfeng Town, Guanghan, Sichuan, said in a telephone interview with reporters while lying on the hospital bed.

  On the morning of July 9, the reporter came to Guanghan People's Hospital. However, during the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia, visitors had to go through the nucleic acid test and had a proof of escort before entering the inpatient department. The reporter could only interview the injured by telephone.

  Wu Shihua, the village party secretary of Yuansheng Village, said that after the explosion, he and the cadres of the village rushed to the Nanfeng production area of ​​Sichuan Guanghan Jinyan Fireworks Co., Ltd., and went from house to house to persuade the villagers to leave. Through intense evacuation, more than 20 villagers about 100 meters from the explosion point were safely evacuated. In order to ensure that no one was in the villagers' home, Wu Shihua went into the nearby villagers' home again to check the situation. As a result, a second explosion occurred. A brick hit its head from the sky, wounding about 4 cm.

  "I don't know how many stitches were stitched. Now my head is not dizzy, but I feel very painful." Wu Shihua said. (Finish)