Hyun-Joon Shin's ex-manager revealed that he had suffered from unfair treatment and mistreatment for 13 years while working with an actor.

According to a report on Sports Today on the 9th, Kim Hyun-joon, the former manager of Shin Hyun-jun, claimed to have been treated unfairly for 13 years and said that he would not want victims like him to appear.

Kim started working with Shin Hyun-jun in 1994 and said he devoted 20 years. He started as a road manager and insisted that his salary was 600,000 won for two years even after the actor reached Stardom.

The unfair treatment received from Hyun-Joon Shin was disclosed in detail. Kim said that Hyun-Jun Shin replaced 20 managers for 7-8 years. He also insisted that there was a rant saying, "Do you have incompetence?" In addition, the text history that Shin Hyun-jun sent "dog XX" was released.

Representative Kim claimed that Hyun-Jun Shin's mother also made unreasonable demands. He said, "To wake up at 7 am, I got up at 5-6 am and went to Shin Hyun-jun's house." "Is it here to eat?"

In addition, Shin Hyun-jun's mother asked Kim to report her son's situation every day, and after the church service was over, she had to drive. He added that he also entrusted minor errands such as personal car wash and shopping.

He also pointed out the settlement problem. "We did not have a contract," Kim said, "I asked for the contract, but it was not accepted. Oral promises were not made. The distribution of 10/10 profit was not made. 2 million won."

In response, Hyun Joon Shin said, "Kim's claim is false."

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)