Kate Moss in one of “Playboy” in 2014. Illustration - RIGELHAUPT SAMUEL / SIPAUSA / SIPA

The French version of the erotic magazine Playboy , which had ceased to appear, will find newsstands in mid-July in a "mook", "more chic" and "thicker" version, the new team announced on Tuesday. The title was taken up by Medialyd, a small company which publishes cooking and travel magazines but also the erotic bimonthly King and the homosexual bimonthly Friendly , directed by Jean-Christophe Florentin. The latter will be the editor of the magazine.

The new version of Playboy France , quarterly, will have "one foot in the news, even the future, and another in the glorious past", promises a press release. Sold for 15 euros and printed in 100,000 copies, the first issue will have 210 pages and offers a retrospective from the 1960s to the present day.

Coronavirus victim

After more than five years of absence from newsstands, the magazine was taken up at the end of 2016 by a Belgian entrepreneur, David Swaelens-Kane, in duet with the Monegasque businesswoman Monika Bacardi. It had since ceased to appear in France.

Mythical magazine launched in 1953 in the United States with a particularly sexy photo of Marilyn Monroe on the cover, Playboy stopped appearing in March across the Atlantic, victim of the coronavirus, to focus on digital. However, he plans to publish a few special issues in 2021.


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"Playboy", collateral victim of the coronavirus

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