Eric Dupond Moretti, new Keeper of Seals, moved to Fresnes prison Tuesday, June 7, 2020. - AFP

"Mr. the Minister, from the memory of lawyers, you have never come to Cusset ": the mayor of this town of Allier, who himself wears the black dress, invites Éric Dupond-Moretti to" make up for this oversight "by coming there "to discover the misery of local Justice".

Mayor challenges new minister

The ex-tenor of the bar who became Keeper of the Seals said on Tuesday, when he took up his post in replacement of Nicole Belloubet, that he traveled through France "for 36 years" during his trials and that he knows "all of them". courts".

But Jean-Sébastien Laloy, LR mayor of Cusset and a lawyer by profession too, led the investigation: "from memory of Cusset lawyers, no one remembers your passage in our small Bourbonnais jurisdiction", he writes to Minister in a letter made public on Wednesday on Twitter.

@E_DupondM: "I have crossed France, of which I know all the courts". Minister, from the memory of lawyers, you never came to #Cusset. We suggest you make up for this oversight and discover the misery of the local #Justice. Urgent need for a new # CitéJudiciaire

- Jean-Sébastien Laloy (@jslaloy) July 8, 2020

“We suggest that you make up for this oversight and discover the misery of local justice. Urgent need for a new Judicial City ”, continues the elected official in his tweet.

“The Cusset court, the first court in the Allier department, is undoubtedly the only court in France to have only one courtroom. Some must thus take place in the cramped library of the court. Prosecutor's delegates have their offices in the cellars. Each winter, boxes are taped to the windows in an attempt to curb the entry of the cold, ”describes Jean-Sébastien Laloy in his letter.

The construction of a new judicial city in this city of the Vichyss agglomeration is acted since February 2019 in the real estate programming of the ministry. But "since that date", the discussions relating to its realization "are progressing slowly", regrets the mayor-lawyer.


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