It was announced yesterday, the launch of the largest campaign of its kind to achieve dreams, in cooperation with the actor and international comedy star Kevin Hart entitled "Mars Shot", in conjunction with the UAE's preparations to launch the "probe of hope" the first Arab space mission to Mars, with the aim of inviting people from different Around the world to dream of anything, no matter how big or great, as the UAE dreamed of this great space mission; Participants share their dreams and wishes, which seem impossible or difficult to verify, through the Mars Shot digital campaign site, so that anyone can record a brief video explaining the nature of his dream and the reason why he wants to achieve it, and upload the video to the campaign’s official website via « Instagram », so that after a series of evaluations and qualifications for the selection of three winners, their dreams will be fulfilled in cooperation between Kevin Hart and the Emirates Media Identity Office.

The "Mars Shot" campaign, the first of its kind digitally on social media, comes with the launch of the "Probe of Hope", as part of the Emirates project to explore Mars, to the Red Planet on its historical flight scheduled in mid-July, as the first Arab space mission and the first probe Of its kind globally, in terms of the scientific mission that it seeks to do, in the history of exploratory campaigns for the Red Planet in the world, where the "Probe of Hope" will provide a picture that is the most comprehensive and detailed on the climate of Mars and its stratosphere throughout the day and throughout the entire Martian year. .

This huge data is monitored, collected, analyzed and shared by the scientific community all over the world, so that the UAE joins the elite space club from its widest doors, through a scientific achievement that was until recently considered impossible or a kind of imagination, in a living embodiment of the foundations of its media and national identity from Through its slogan "Nothing is Impossible", this slogan adopted by the Emirates is a vision, thought, planning and work approach; And where there is no ceiling for aspirations and aspirations, and that any dream can be achieved, without allowing any obstacles to stand in the way of its progress and advancement, as long as there is a will.

The director of the media identity office for the Emirates, Alia Al Hammadi, stressed that "the UAE has inspired the world with its great dreams, and the youth of the Emirates are inspiring the world's youth with (that nothing is impossible)."

Al-Hammadi said: “The launch of the probe of hope to Mars on its scheduled date, despite the health challenges, and the completion of all its preparations and equipment is a message of hope for the peoples of the world and an inspiration for future generations that nothing can stand in front of human dreams and that the impossible is a word that the UAE does not recognize.” She added: “The dream of the Emirates to reach Mars behind it is a vision of leadership, determination, determination, planning, action and a whole people who stand behind this goal in faith and action, and it is the result of a collective, societal and institutional effort under one banner, which is the Emirates flag, where dreams become reality.”

For his part, global star Kevin Hart said: "Through the Mars Shot campaign, we invite people to dare dream, and to make their goals in life so great, that we get them to discover that what they think is impossible is actually possible."

The comedian continued: "We seek to create positive momentum in the world, so that we share many inspiring stories and experiences that remind people of their amazing ability to dream and believe that they can achieve anything with will and persistence." Hart stressed that "there is no better partner than the Emirates to contribute to empowering people all over the world by helping them achieve their dreams," adding: "I have a personal commitment to empower individuals to change their reality for the better."

To that, Hamda Al-Buqishi, director of the “March-Shot” campaign to achieve dreams, said: “Through the Mars Shot campaign, we would like to demonstrate to the people that all dreams are achievable just as the UAE and UAE youth have succeeded in achieving the great Martian dream through the probe of hope, the first Arab probe. "It goes into outer space toward the orbit of the red planet."

She added that «big and important dreams affect the lives of the largest number of people and this is the essence of the Mars Shot campaign, so that campaign participants must present innovative experiences, ideas and dreams to make a positive change in their lives or the lives of their societies, on the understanding that the big and noble dream It is the dream that benefits people, and this is the dream in the Emirati way. ”

Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate with his dream or wish in the Mars Shot campaign to achieve dreams, by preparing and producing a one-minute video, in which he expresses his dream and explains his details and goals, so that he publishes it on the campaign's website on Instagram »Under the hashtag: #marsshot.

There are several criteria to consider when participating in the "Mars Shot" campaign to achieve impossible dreams. Participations of dreams and wishes will be evaluated, classified and selected based on several main criteria, including: creativity and originality, so that the dream is directly related to a person’s life or personal experiences, and reflects his convictions and thoughts, and through the video prepared by the participant to talk about this dream, it must show a passion Deeply, expressed in a creative way, the dream's uniqueness, originality and exclusivity are demonstrated, and its competitive opportunities for its realization are enhanced.

Likewise, the dream that a person seeks to pursue must adopt a clear vision and message, strong and convincing, that explains in the video the reasons behind choosing this dream, and not others, the proposed implementation plan, steps and mechanisms, and what it takes to achieve it.

Another basic criterion is that the dream, no matter how big, great, uncommon or unexpected, is achievable and actually translated on the ground, so that it has clear goals and results for the person concerned, or the community, class, or body concerned with the dream and the beneficiary of its realization.

One of the most important criteria for evaluating dreams participating in the Mars Shot campaign is the extent of their impact on society and the world as a whole, so that the dream makes a fundamental difference for the better in the life of the person and the lives of the people involved in the dream, and the relevant society, as this criterion is an extension of the Emirates dream system that seeks From behind achieving it, not to achieving a narrow individual, self-interest, or immediate interest, but to build a better reality for its people and to anticipate a more developed, stable, and prosperous future for the region and the world, based on the premise that the greater the scope of interest, the greater the value of the dream and deserves to fight for its realization.

In addition, several technical, technical, editorial and aesthetic conditions must be observed in preparing and downloading dream videos, as participants can verify the required standards and specifications through the official Mars Shot campaign site on Instagram.

The dream video, which is no more than a minute long, must be submitted on the campaign website under the hashtag: #marsshot before July 19. The top 15 videos will be chosen for display on the site, so that people can vote on dreams that they are worth pursuing, before the finalization dreams are reached. Then star Kevin Hart and a representative of the Emirates Media Identity Bureau announce the three winning dream videos, among the five final nominations, in a “virtual” event on digital communication platforms on July 29, 2020, to achieve these dreams in cooperation between the Media Identity Bureau The State of the Emirates and Help From the Hart Charity, owned by Kevin Hart.

The link between the "Mars Shot" campaign to achieve dreams and the Emirates project to explore Mars "probe of hope" comes from a common vision that there is no impossible dream, and that if there is a will and passion, anything that a person seeks can achieve, and through " Probe of Hope »The Emirates is launching a new era in the leading scientific contributions through which it seeks to serve humanity in all fields, in addition to enhancing its reputation as a country with aspirations sky.

Accordingly, the Mars Shot campaign adopts the spirit of challenge, achievement, and defiance of the impossible that the message of “Probe of Hope” carries.

The dream ... on the Emirati way

The Mars Shot campaign seeks to motivate, inspire and encourage people to express and share their greatest dreams and aspirations, and strive to achieve them, even if it seems far away, the dimension of the planets and stars and difficult to achieve, by showing determination, persistence and belief in one's ability to make the possible. And if the UAE youth dreamed of going to Mars and planned for that, studied, worked and contributed to building the first Arab probe, and they are just around the corner from realizing their dream that they worked for years, then the Emirates is inspired by its own dream and shared with millions of young people around the world, by inviting them In order for them to have the courage of a dream and to abolish the word impossible from their dictionaries and their lives, drawing inspiration from the Emirati experience in building the UAE and building the Emirati human being and making Emirati achievements culturally, economically and scientifically, which culminates today with the launch of the probe of hope to Mars.

Kevin Hart .. tender from the heart

Kevin Hart, the global superstar, is chosen to represent the Mars Shot campaign, as it embodies an inspiring personal and human success story. Where a prominent American actor, comedian and producer is an example to follow in positivity and belief in the individual's ability to change his reality and the reality of his society, and he is one of the most influential, stimulating and sincere stars of the world in his artistic and human message, and adheres to his dreams, and his life is a march of struggle and insistence that overcomes the most difficult difficult conditions so that Finds a place in the world of art; The star who started his career as a shoe salesman, moving between a number of clubs that attract comic amateurs, succeeded during a record period in achieving a wide international fame to become one of the most famous comic stars in the world, eager to share his success story with more than 100 million people who follow him on His communicative accounts, which he turned into interactive platforms to spread positivity in the world.

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