But the girl was surprised that the waiter did not write her name "Aisha" as he was supposed to do, but rather wrote on her mug "Isis", the acronym for "Islamic State" (ISIS) in English.

The 19-year-old was shocked and both insulted and frightened, and she realized that she had fallen victim to the phenomenon of Islamophobia.

Aisha says she tried to speak with the cafe official who said the incident was an individual error, and was compensated with a $ 25 purchase voucher, while US media reported that Starbucks declined to comment on the incident.

As for Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, she refused to believe that the incident was merely an individual error, and she wrote on her own account on Twitter that what happened with Aisha is part of what Muslims are exposed to, “This is not an individual incident, it is part of what Muslims regularly incur in our society. To Aisha: Your story Important, your voice matters, do not let their hatred of Muslims extinguish the glow of your luster. "

Academic Khalid Baydoun also described the incident as blind fanaticism and that it was not an individual incident, and tweeted, "Starbucks said that this was an unfortunate mistake. Writing ISIS on a Muslim drink called Aisha is not wrong, it is blind fanaticism. No action was taken. Press Starbucks to condemn Islamophobia." ".

Activist Ahmed Al-Salmi confirmed that what happened with Aisha happens to Muslims in general, saying, "Although it appears to be an individual behavior, the truth is also that many of the Muslim community are constantly persecuted in the West."