Bordeaux, central police station - Photo: Sebastien Ortola - S. ORTOLA / 20 MINUTES

  • One woman was attempted rape, another attempted murder, and another was raped the same night.
  • A suspect, who was confused by the three victims, was arrested and charged.

An individual suspected of three attacks on three women, the night of June 28 to 29 last in Bordeaux, was arrested and charged, said Wednesday the prosecution in a statement. The case had been revealed in the morning by Sud Ouest .

"On June 29 at around 3:45 am, writes the prosecution, the police were called the Cours du Médoc in Bordeaux, following an attempted rape that had just occurred. The victim described being attacked on the street by an individual who had attempted to rape her. Shocked, she was taken care of by the firefighters who drove her to the Bordeaux University Hospital. "

The suspect's report subsequently enabled the arrest of a man, who had a hand injury, "in accordance with the victim's descriptions".

24-year-old student stabbed nine times

A reconciliation was made, with the assaults of two other women, the same night in a nearby area. One had been attempted murder, using a knife, and the other had been the victim of violence. Caroline, a 24-year-old student, testified a few days ago for, revealing that she was stabbed around midnight during the Médoc too. Affected nine times, she was cut in the neck, face and abdomen.

"The respondent, aged 20, of Libyan origin and in an irregular situation on French territory, was formally identified by the victims, and by witnesses," said the prosecution.

Judicial information was opened on June 30, on counts of "attempted rape by a person who is manifestly intoxicated, attempted rape with violence, attempted murder, violence by a person who is manifestly intoxicated, and violence on a person holding public authority ”.

He was charged and placed in pre-trial detention.


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