Ancient spirit monster Li Yitong challenges the "gold worshiper"

Talk about forgetting to love in "Love Me Don't Think So Much"

  (Reporter Qiu Wei) After gaining attention with the pretty Huang Rong in the new Legend of the Condor Heroes, Li Yitong has tried various roles with very different styles in recent years, and in the eyes of the audience she has always been a very cute young Little girl. In the urban light comedy "Don't Think About It To Love Me" broadcast by Beijing Satellite TV, Li Yitong starred as an urban girl with a straightforward personality. She upgraded her quirky traits again and explained the role through a unique interpretation. Alert and free.

  In the play, Xia Keke, played by Li Yitong, is a clothing designer who is busy with his livelihood and full of fantasy about life. After meeting each other, she met the successful entrepreneur Li Honghai played by Chen Jianbin. Li Honghai fell in love with Xia Keke at first sight and confirmed that she was the other half she wanted to find, so she concealed her identity and pursued it. Two people who are 20 years old apart talked about a love that spans age and class.

  Li Yitong became popular in 2017 when he played Qiao Huang Rong. Cao Huisheng, the director of "Don't Think About It If I Love Me", just happened to see Li Yitong's several scenes in the new Legend of Condor Heroes and decided that she was Xia Keke's best choice. Li Yitong seems to be very handy in interpreting such eccentric girls. In "Love Me Don't Think About It Too Much", her performance is dynamic and dynamic, static and gentle, and she smiles and reveals the freshness of the little girl. Li Yitong also likes the role of Xia Keke very much, not only because of her "personal honesty, integrity and enthusiasm", but also because she has something in common with her personality: if you think that what you have done is correct, it will not be too much Care about others' views.

  The broadcast of "Don't Think About It Too Much To Love Me" caused the pair of year-old lovers to cause a lot of controversy on the Internet. In Li Yitong's opinion, Xia Keke is kind-hearted and seems to be a "gold worshiper", but she has no crooked thoughts. She yearns for pure love, and has clear principles and bottom lines for treating love. "The independence and self-confidence in Xia Keke represent the young people's ideology, which is the flash point of the characters."

  The Xia Coco in the play is generous and generous. When Li Honghai in the "incognito chase love" misunderstood her for her money, many viewers looked at it, but Xia Coco in the play did not rush to explain, "Because Xia Coco feels It doesn’t matter what you think, but in fact, I’m not like that. You will understand it one day. If you don’t understand it, it’s a different matter, and there’s no need to explain it anymore.” Li Yitong is very in favor of Xia. Coco's "Love is not a sale, it has nothing to do with money" concept of love, and also interprets the character settings in the play from my own perspective, "I think it is important for two people to love and feel together, and they need to understand and understand each other. , Whether it is communication between words or communication in life, these are far beyond the factors of money and identity."

  Li Yitong said that the roles he played in the past were more heartbreaking, and it was necessary to enter the characters to complete the performance, but too deep into the scene would cause his own emotions to decline in reality, and even the aura became strange, "So in comparison , I prefer Xia Keke, this character is very outgoing, including some of the actions in the play are also very free and outgoing. During the filming period of the crew, I will do these actions unconsciously in my own life, so when I am an actor and It’s fun when the roles are combined.”