New corona "Fusan" and "Abigan" combined use improved symptoms 7 July 46 7:46

After administration of Fusan, a therapeutic drug for acute pancreatitis, along with the anti-influenza drug Avigan, to patients with severe pneumonia infected with the new coronavirus, symptoms improved in 10 out of 11 patients. Said a group from the University of Tokyo. The group wants to see more in the future, such as whether it is effective.

This April, the University of Tokyo Hospital became a drug for acute pancreatitis and blood clots at various parts of the body for 11 patients who became severely infected with the new coronavirus and were treated in the intensive care unit in April. It was given in combination with "Avigan" together with "Fusan".

After administration, one 75-year-old man who had been using a ventilator died, but 10 males and females aged 36 to 71 years improved their symptoms. Among them, the artificial heart-lung machine "ECMO" and artificial respiration The seven people who were wearing the equipment were all able to breathe by themselves one month later.

In the United States and Europe, there have been reports that some infected patients have blood clots, leading to worsening of their symptoms. The antiviral effect and the effect of preventing blood from clotting are said to be "Fusan" at the University of Tokyo. Hospitals such as affiliated hospitals are also conducting clinical research to confirm the safety and efficacy of 160 patients.

Professor Kyoji Moriya of the Infection Control Department says, "I would like to further clarify whether Fusan has an effect alone or if it can be combined with other drugs to obtain a synergistic effect."