Established “Nuclear World Fund” for the abolition of nuclear weapons Start accepting donations Hiroshima July 7, 18:34

On the 7th, three years after the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, a fund was set up to promote activities for the abolition of nuclear weapons at the call of Bishops of the Catholic Church in Hiroshima and representatives of NGOs, and a press conference was held in Hiroshima City. Opened

The "Nuclear Free World Fund" was established in November last year, when Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church who visited the bombed area called for action to abolish nuclear weapons, the third year since the adoption of the Nuclear Weapons Convention. Acceptance of donations began on the 7th.

On the 7th, Bishop Mitsuru Shirahama of the Catholic Hiroshima Diocese, who called for a fund at the World Peace Memorial Cathedral in Hiroshima City, and ICAN, an international NGO that won the Nobel Peace Prize three years ago, Satoshi Kawasaki International Steering committee members and others interviewed.

In this, Bishop Shirahama stated his ambition, "I want to join forces with the abolition of nuclear weapons to commemorate all atomic bomb survivors and victims of war."

In addition, ICAN committee member Kawasaki said, "I would like to continue with the attitude that citizens will eventually raise funds to dismantle nuclear weapons."

The “Nuclear Free World Fund” is planned to be used for activities such as hibakusha to go abroad to talk about their experiences and the medical care of victims from overseas nuclear tests. It means accepting donations.