Currently, some inland and west coasts are heavily fogged. During the day, the clear sky will be revealed, and the heat will raise its head again.

In some inland areas, heatwave warnings are in effect. Today (8th), Seoul's daytime temperature will rise to 31 degrees, and Chuncheon and Daegu 32 degrees are expected to catch fire.

Between afternoon and night, a thunderstorm will develop into the inland of Yeongseo and Yeongnam in Gangwon, and as you can see in the current cloud video, the high pressure from the northwest pushed the rainy season, and the whole country is clear, and the air is staying in the upper atmosphere.

During the daytime, the temperature will rise significantly and showers will fall due to atmospheric instability. The maximum daytime temperature is expected to be 31 degrees in Seoul and 30 degrees in Changwon.

Tomorrow rain will start again in Jeju and the southern region tomorrow, so on Friday, I will rain all over the country. At the beginning of next week, there is news of Jangbibi all over the country again.

(Ansoojin Weather Caster)