"Climb the mountain together" mobile phone case, stepped "little white shoes"......
  "Secret Corner" with a lot of the same paragraph

  Suspense online drama "Secret Corner" is hot this summer, one of the starring Qin Hao's same paragraph "Climb together?" The mobile phone case also boarded the hot search. In the play, the "bad boy" Zhu Chaoyang's same T-shirt was originally "uncommon", but now he is also quickly marked "identical" on the sales page. And the "black air shoes" Nike "Air Force One" that stepped on the dirty "small white shoes" that triggered Zhu Chaoyang's "blackening" was further upgraded.

  Peripheral products are the "standard" of the big IP hot film and television works. Film and television works like Marvel and Disney can always drive the hot sale of peripheral products and the same characters in the drama. "The Hidden Corner" is a new drama set with a new plot. Obviously, it did not develop the surrounding ideas at the shooting stage, but this did not affect its popularity. Fans hailed the "same paragraph" to express their love. .

  In the opening scene of the play, the character Zhang Dongsheng took his mother-in-law and father-in-law to climb the mountain. Unexpectedly, when he was taking pictures, he pushed the two old men down the mountain. The gloomy background music sounded, and the whole drama established a suspenseful and thrilling tone.

  In a recent photo of Reuters after starring Qin Hao, the yellow phone case with "Climb together?" in his hand became the biggest highlight. Although there is no official sale, the same mobile phone case quickly appeared on the online shopping platform, and by the way, other "popular stalks" in the play were included in the bag, including "Climb together?" "Do you think I still have a chance?" Contents such as "Write in your diary" appear in the copywriting. In addition to the phone case, spoof text short-sleeved will not miss this opportunity to rub the heat. If someone wears a T-shirt with danger warnings prohibiting climbing, taking pictures, swimming, etc., there is no doubt that the other party must be the same "chaser".

  In the play, Zhu Yaoyang’s father’s second married wife, Wang Yao, is a beautiful woman who often appears in shopping malls and hair salons and walks along the way. As a result, her same floral chiffon dress, pink chiffon shirt, cake skirt, printed dress, etc., were quickly included in the efficient "versioning" women's clothing store, and their sales have recently been in the forefront of the store. At the same time, Zhu Chaoyang's red neckline white T-shirt, Pope's retro sunglasses, and Zhang Dongsheng's boundless small square glasses were originally unremarkable, and they are now rushing into the car, taking advantage of the popularity of online dramas. "Hot sale."

  The little white shoes that caused the "bad kid" Zhu Chaoyang to be "blackened" were recognized by sneaker enthusiasts as Nike Air Force 1, also known as "Air Force One." In the play, Zhu Chaoyang wore new shoes that his father had just bought, and his sister stepped on her feet provocatively. The black footprints on the white shoes were highlighted by the lens. This detail made the shoe lovers in the audience continually shout "Can't bear it". After all, there is a saying in the quotation of the shoe circle "You can step on my feet, never step on my shoes". Putting aside other reasons, watching the scene of stepping on shoes, the audience as shoe fans have foreseen the next "tragedy caused by a pair of Air Force One".

  In the play, Zhu Chaoyang is a gradually blackened "bad kid", while his actor Rong Zishan is the opposite. What he shows on Weibo is a sunny and cheerful boy who loves sports. Daily activities at home are also practice dunks, not diaries. After the "Shoe Stalks" appeared, he updated the Weibo "Welcome to continue to step on shoes tonight". The picture shows that I am sitting among the popular shoes and confirmed the "shoe powder" status.

  In addition to costumes, this online drama also set the scene in Zhanjiang, Guangdong. In the play, Zhu Chaoyang lives in Chikan Old Street, and now many tourists punch in every day. Zhu Chaoyang's father and son swimming venues have recently burst into popularity, with the highest daily visitor volume reaching 2,000. The steamer that appeared in the play has been abandoned for 40 to 50 years, and the nearby beach has developed into an entertainment scenic area. In a shooter video, the neighborhood said that people hope it will be forgotten in the future, and the old street will be able to regain its lazy and quiet feeling.

  Text/Reporter Chen Si