Singer Kim Hak-rae opened his mouth saying, "I was misunderstood but silenced."

Kim Hak-rae, who appeared on TV Chosun'Insaeng Documentary-My Way' broadcast on the 6th, revealed his wife Park Mi-hye and explained many misunderstandings surrounding her.

Hak-rae Kim confessed, "The scandal (with Lee Seong-mi) left for Germany. Many people could think that I had fled because it was silent."

The reason he didn't explain is because of a child born in the world. He said, "It was a child born without innocence who was harmed by the work of an adult. If I had acted as a singer, I would have kept hearing about it even when he entered kindergarten and elementary school.

Earlier, Kim Hak-rae broke up while earnestly gaining popularity in the late 1980s, while having a passion with comedian Lee Seong-mi. Later, Lee Seong-mi reported that she was pregnant with a child, and later raised a son of Seul-ha alone, and even suffered a crisis of withdrawal from a conservative broadcast atmosphere at the time.

Hak-rae Kim continued to remain silent, and through his blog around 2010, he ate all the ugly curiosity such as "a man who promised marriage to a woman he ran away with" and "an unscrupulous man," but he lived in silence for 20 years. He made a sacrificial decision with the consequences of all the side effects, and there have been many misunderstandings to date, but he also tried to endure it all.”

Regarding the speculation that Hak-rae Kim met his current wife during a relationship with Seong-mi Kim, his wife Park Mi-hye said, “It was a lot of misunderstandings, but it's really a misunderstanding. At the time, Kim Hak-rae was alone and met me without anything happening. "It was a thorny field road. It was so painful and difficult to overcome," he said.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)