Theater, film and television actress Carme Contreras has passed away at the age of 87 , according to what the family also reported on Monday, the actor and voice actor Roger Peña through social networks. "We are leaving a great actress and a better person," she said.

Born in Zaragoza in 1932 , Contreras gained popularity among the Catalan public for playing the pharmaceutical company Roser for nearly 100 episodes in the TV3 series 'El cor de la Ciutat ', although she also dedicated herself to dubbing films. Among them, his role in 'ET' stands out, dubbing the famous alien or his role as Roz in the well-known children's movie 'Monsters S.A'.

A legacy that not only focuses on the field of fiction, it was also known for having voiced actresses Bette Davis, Irma Hall and Susan Willis , among others.

In theater, he accumulated 70 years of professional career with works such as 'La Ferida Iluminosa' , by Josep Maria de Sagarra, or 'Berenàveu a les fosques', by Josep Maria Benet i Jornet. She expanded the profession with other titles such as 'Rueda de amores' or 'No és mai tard ... si s'arriba d'hora', playing a good part of the roles at the Romea Theater in Barcelona.

In cinema he got to work for the director Luis García Berlanga in ' Plácido ' (1961), for Eloy de la Iglesia in 'El pico' (1983) or for Josep Antoni Salgot in 'Mater amatísima' (1980). In 2012, he also obtained a place as an Honorary Member at the Acadèmia del Cinema Català .

Just that year he announced his retirement from the stage after climbing for the last time with the vaudeville 'Salvem les balenes ... i el meu matrimoni, què?', By Iván Campillo at the Sant Andreu Teatre.

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