Today (7th) is the season's season that the real heat begins.

Daytime heat will continue around the interior, and today there is rain.

Currently, the rainy season front affects only Jeju, but all of the heavy rain warnings issued to Jeju at 7 am have been lifted as this large group of strong red clouds have passed through.

It will continue a little further until daytime, and in some inland areas including Seoul, it will rain under the influence of air pressure in the morning.

During the daytime, the temperature rises greatly, and due to atmospheric instability, showers will develop from afternoon to night in the southwest of Yeongnam and inland of Yeongnam.

Today's maximum temperature is 28 degrees in Seoul, about 2 degrees lower than yesterday, but the inland heat will continue around 30 degrees in the center of the inland, and the perceived temperature will be higher than this.

The rainy season front will rain again on Friday, raining across the country. There is also news about Jangbibi at the beginning of next week.

(Ansoojin Weather Caster)