Chinanews client July 5th (Reporter Song Yusheng Liu Chao) On the morning of July 5th, the farewell ceremony of the famous film performance artist Yu Lan's body was held in the Babaoshan Auditorium in Beijing. The reporter noticed at the scene that Yu Lan’s body was lying quietly in the middle of the auditorium, covered with a bright red party flag, surrounded by wreaths and couplets from all walks of life, and the documentary directed by Yu Zhuang Tian Tianzhuang "Dram" selection. Due to the epidemic situation, the scene asked relatives and friends who came to pay condolences to wear masks, measure body temperature, line up in an orderly manner, and maintain a one-meter interval. Early in the morning, Yu Lan's friend, 92-year-old famous performing artist Tian Hua went to mourn. In an interview with a reporter from, Tian Hua said that he would send it to Lan Yicheng anyway.

Farewell ceremony site. Photo by Song Yusheng