In relation to the fact that former member Woo Ji-young of the ball red adolescents expressed regret regarding the withdrawal of the team, Ahn Ji-young virtually admitted the disagreement by saying, "Don't avoid it and contact me."

Woo Ji-yun, a solo singer recently, said on social media, "The biggest reason I came out of red puberty was because I had so many thoughts about Jinro. I wanted to make a good end, not suddenly. Ahn Ji-young) showed that she wanted to break up sooner, so she came out of the team faster than I thought.”

Woo Ji-yoon released'Dodo','Island', etc., which were announced in the name of a stranger, and was overwhelmed by the suspicion that this song shot Ahn Ji-young, a member of the red teen.

On this, Ahn Ji-young was hurt by hearing through the company that she wants to quit adolescent red puberty through SNS. I thought I couldn't.”

Regarding the suspicion of being sniped by'Do-do','Island', etc., Ahn Ji-young said, "It was hard for a while since I thought it was my story no matter what the intention was." I have to come out of my dreams and torment and fight insomnia.”

Lastly, Ahn Ji-young added to Woo Ji-young, "I thought it was a problem that we could contact each other and solve enough, but we were so upset that we had to come up to this. If we have anything left to say, don't avoid contacting us. Please contact me." .

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)