Author: Yao Yan Yu, from Yuting

  The cans make the Phoenix Crown of Peking Opera. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  I drew a 10-page line draft, cut and flattened the can, sanded the original color with sandpaper, glued the goose feathers to the back of the draft, cut and formed it and stuck it on the aluminum sheet of the can, making 25 large butterflies, 6 Only a small butterfly, three phoenixes and other parts, then filigree and combine... In 13 days, 18 cans were transformed into an exquisite "Peking Opera Phoenix Crown".

  Restore the accessories of Ruyi Biography. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  The shape of "Fragrant Honey is like frost" is restored. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  Go to the B station page of the manual blogger Yan Hong, such as hair crowns, headdresses, and earrings in popular costume dramas such as "Ru Yi Biography", "Fragrant Honey and Embers" And so on, all of them were copied by her pair of clever hands. Not only imitating, she also "opened her brain" to design by herself, "Crown of Qianlijiang Mountain", "Shan Hai Jing" series of makeup... Not only attracted the makeup artist of "National Treasure" official Weibo and CCTV version "Dream of Red Mansions" Like it again and again, and was invited to give a speech at Oxford University.

Abandoning medical practice, "white angel" becomes "handmade god"

  Yan Hong's works. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  Yan Hong, born in 1989, is a Chengdu girl. Many people see her works and think she is a professional in art design. In fact, this pair of "fairy hands" that attracted netizens' praises once held a syringe. Yan Hong, who graduated from North Sichuan Medical College and has been in the healthcare industry for 2 years, was once a "white angel". While doing his job, Yan Hong runs a lattice shop selling jewelry and cosmetics, and his business is booming.

  "The reason why I opened the grid shop was just because I like it, and I want to put my mood in it." Yan Hong said, "I may prefer beautiful things in my bones. When I was a nurse, I was like a tough woman, but in fact I was in my heart. It's a relatively small girl."

  In 2015, Yan Hong resigned from the hospital that everyone thought was an "iron rice bowl" to concentrate on running the grid shop. In 2015, almost everyone opposed it. Only her husband, He Qiang, supported her decision. In 2016, Yan Hong became a professional makeup artist by systematically learning makeup in order to better operate the grid shop, and his main content was wedding and makeup.

  Imitation dots. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  During the wedding and makeup period, Yan Hong sometimes worked to help the bride to transform the headdress, and received a lot of praise. By chance, Yan Hong saw the production video of imitation jade headwear, she was deeply attracted by the charm of traditional Chinese aesthetics and hand-made. Act when you have a heart. "Actually, when I first tried to make Dian Cui, it was really ugly, but fortunately, I didn't give up." In this way, Yan Hong opened the road of her handwork while slowly self-study.

Reverting classics to original design, her work is full of ingenuity

  Half face makeup. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  Costume drama headgear, ancient famous painting makeup, game illustration ornaments... In the early stage, Yan Hong mostly used to restore other people's works. During this period, her longest time-consuming, most difficult and most satisfying masterpiece-Phoenix Headdress "Half Face Makeup" was born.

  Half face makeup. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  "Half-face makeup" was originally the painting work of illustrator Gu Geli. The original painting was very complicated and gorgeous. It took half a year for Yan Hong to conceive and design and try materials. After continuous experimentation, Yan Hong finally used copper sheet as the material and made it by paper cutting. First bend the flat copper wire into the shape of a phoenix tail, connect the cross-section with hot melt adhesive to the copper wire, and then cut the copper sheet into a thin wire to make a feather shape, and then paste it on the copper wire in turn. After a month of elaborate production, a flying "Golden Phoenix" finally appeared vividly in front of everyone's eyes.

  Nine-tailed fox in Yanhong's original Shanhaijing series. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  "Restoring other people's works often involves copyright issues, and you can only appreciate it after you finish it, and you can't lend it to others or use it for commercial purposes." From 2019, Yan Hong began to try to make his own original works. "Original design is very wild. I also have the ability to do originality. I can use all my imagination to create and create more novel works of my own." Yan Hong said.

  The Queen Mother of the West in Yan Hong's original Shan Hai Jing series. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  Ear mouse crown of Yanhong original Shanhaijing series. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong.

  According to the description of the Queen Mother of the West in Shan Hai Jing, "It looks like a person, leopard tail, tiger teeth, and good sorrow", she created a Chinese ancient style headdress with a dark beauty, combining traditional Chinese style and European patterns; this year is In the Year of the Rat, she applied the traditional paper-cut pattern to the headdress species to make the festive "Shan Hai Jing" ear mouse crown...

  The husband of Yanhong's original Shanhaijing series. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  The exquisite headdresses born from Yanhong's hands are mostly made of materials that are extremely close to the people. She used the children's hand-made twisting rods to imitate the velvet flowers in the "Yanxi Raiders"; based on the gods and beasts in the "Shan Hai Jing", she designed an ancient headdress shaped like a white deer with hot melt adhesive; The grandma's old yarn, after her whimsy, became the crown of Luna in the game "Glory of the King"; the 19-square-meter copper mesh has been transformed into imitation filigree inlaid armor... countless Environmental protection or waste materials were turned into treasure by her: using A4 paper to make imitation dot jewelry, using waste curtains and copper wire to make hair crowns, using cigarette shell paper and napkins to make retro doll headwear...

  The cans make the Phoenix Crown of Peking Opera. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  "A lot of people think that I chose these materials because of the low price, or to make gimmicks. But in fact, in the process of making headdresses, I don’t deliberately choose some waste materials, but they are available everywhere in life. Materials. What kind of materials I choose to make a work is to achieve the feeling of pursuing the work. It is what I want to do that determines what materials I use, not materials that determines what I want to do." Yan Hong said.

"Cunning hands to build dreams", she wants to create infinite possibilities

  Yanhong fans customized headdress. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  When there is a lack of inspiration, Yan Hong will tend to listen to the suggestions of fans. "Half-face makeup" comes from the recommendation of fans. Designing jewelry is not just about learning how to make it. Drawing artwork, selecting materials, hand-reducing, and overall styling... these require the producer to have a certain painting foundation and makeup foundation. When there is a goal direction, Yan Hong will delve into it carefully. From nothing two years ago, to now the master of the "Great God" who has exceeded 10 million views, Yan Hong's blockbuster is a combination of talent, love and persistence.

  While being popular with fans, Yan Hong also encountered some doubts due to the unprofessional use of hot melt adhesives and production techniques. To this end, Yan Hong went to Chongqing to study the traditional production process of filigree inlay, and also worshipped Yang Shuyun, a famous Chinese makeup artist, who wanted to learn more professional production techniques and national makeup.

  Yang Shuyun encouraged Yan Hong to stick to her creations and ideas, hoping that she would not be imprisoned by traditional techniques. Yang Shuyun believes that Yan Hong’s expertise is not to inherit traditional craftsmanship, but that her creativity can be turned into a treasure, and she can use common materials around her to do some wild designs. This is really her. The teacher’s teaching made Yan Hong more clear about his positioning as a “worker who works hard”. Learning and apprenticeship are all to better explore the essence of the country’s style and combine it with his own style. "Quality" works.

  Yan Hong's works. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  In 2019, Yan Hong began to promote his videos on overseas platforms. "Overseas fans love to watch the hand-made videos I sent. This is also a window for foreigners to see Chinese culture. The charm of traditional Chinese elements will make them feel Stunning and shocking." In the same year, Yan Hong was also invited to give a lecture at Oxford University in the UK to share her work and creative experience.

  Restore the "Hairpin Lady's Picture". Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  Makeup for "Dunhuang Donor". Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  Today, Yan Hong has more and more overseas fans, and she has also cooperated with overseas brands, and her influence has grown. This has given her a sense of mission. Yan Hong said: "As long as there is the possibility of progress and learning, I am willing to communicate and try. In the future, I want to learn more professional techniques, better show the work to more people, and let more people like it."

  Yan Hong's works. Photo courtesy of Yan Hong

  Yanhong is making handmade headdresses. Photo by Yao Xin

  "In the future, I hope that my work can be more than this, can show more possibilities, grow on the trees of traditional culture, and can also bloom more wild flowers." Yan Hong looked forward, his eyes flashing. Bright brilliance.

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