China News Agency, Shantou, July 5 (Li Yiqing, Zhang Yan) Shantou University held its 2020 graduation ceremony in Shantou, Guangdong on the 5th. Affected by the epidemic, it adopted a combination of online and offline modes. Li Lanjuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as the officiating guest, made a speech entitled "Choice, at every intersection in life" at the graduation ceremony.

  Through the video, Li Lanjuan addressed the young people in the "cloud", hoping that they would "rigorous and realistic, pioneering and innovative, bravely climb the peak and benefit mankind."

  Li Lanjuan said that since the outbreak, countless medical personnel, scientific research personnel, PLA soldiers, police officers and community workers knew that there was a risk of infection, but they were still heading against the wind.

  In this era, we must establish the "community of human destiny". She said that for the well-being of others is everyone's mission and responsibility. Whether in life or business, from the situation of the times to the emotions of others, there are many external changes and environmental factors that people cannot choose. What people can choose is their own way of coping, to choose what kind of decision to make at each intersection of life, and how to move forward bravely.

  Academician Li Lanjuan is a well-known infectious disease scientist in China. She has a deep relationship with Shantou University. The scientific research project led by her "Major innovations and technological breakthroughs in the prevention and control of new infectious diseases represented by H7N9 avian influenza." , Won the 2017 National Science and Technology Progress Award Special Award. As a member of this research team, Shantou University has played an important role.

  In 2020, Shantou University has more than 3,100 graduates including doctors, masters and undergraduates, including 25 doctors and 772 masters. Shantou University is currently the only public university in the world that is continuously funded by a private foundation, the Li Ka Shing Foundation. The construction and development of Shantou University has been funded by Li Ka-shing and the Li Ka-shing Foundation, with a support of more than 10 billion Hong Kong dollars. (Finish)