Rental arrears amounting to 90 thousand dirhams (Reem - Khaleeji - 29 years old) threaten to evict from the house where she lives with her family of mother and three brothers, for a full year, and demand the eviction of the residence, knowing that she suffers from kidney failure since March 2018, what It prohibited her from continuing her work and dispensing her services by the private sector (hotel), where she had been working for two years.

(Reem) tells the story of the suffering of her family members, saying: “When my father got a special job in selling and importing electronic materials inside the state in 2008, he was making a big profit from him, so he decided to bring the family members to the state so that we would be near him.”

She added, “Our life has settled in Dubai, near my father’s place of work, and my brothers have completed their classes, and being the eldest daughter of three brothers, I was studying in the third year at the university, and my sister (Maryam - 26 years old) enrolled in university studies specializing in (health services management), and my brother (Muhammad - 23 years old) finished high school, and finally (Moamen - 23 years old) he stopped studying in the preparatory stage, and our financial situation was easy. ”

She continued: «In 2013, the fate wanted to change our situation, and my father lost everything he owned, which made him leave the house and desert us, and we could not reach him, so all the responsibilities of my family members fell to me, being the oldest girl in my family, and my sister stopped her university studies, My brothers Muhammad and Moamen could not complete their educational journey. ”

She said: “I looked for a job in many private and governmental sectors, to be able to help members of my family, and in June 2013 I got a job in one of the private (hotel) sectors in Dubai, with a monthly salary of 9400 dirhams, through which I was able to pay the rent of the house, And saving life expenses from food and drink only, and because of my modest salary I could not help my brothers to continue their education ».

She added, “In 2018, my health deteriorated, and I went to one of the private clinics near my work. After analyzing and examining, the doctor told me about a rise in blood pressure and sugar, and I did not tell my family members about my illness, as I was their only source of income, and I went to work despite feeling tired And I'm subjected to sudden fainting cases. ”

She continued: “My brother took me to the emergency department at Dubai Hospital, and after conducting laboratory tests and tests, the doctor told us that I had sudden and severe kidney failure, due to my great blood and fluid loss, my dehydration, and irregularity in taking medications, which led to my body poisoning with toxic substances ( My medication is poisoned), a urinary tract obstruction, and he told me that I need dialysis three times a week, after which I became unable to work, and my services were dispensed due to my poor health status. "The owner of the house filed a case against us, and it was transferred to the Rental Disputes Resolution Committee, and we became required to pay or evacuate," said Rim.

She added, "My sister and I relied on making food and sweets, sewing clothes and handicrafts and selling them in exhibitions, in order to provide daily livelihood for our family members."

(Rim) appealed to the people of good and the able-bodied with good hearts to lend a helping hand, and help overcome its problem to pay the rent arrears.

Reem: “The owner of the house filed a case against us, and we became required to pay or evacuate.”