I have two nephews. These are the children of my cousin's elder sister, who became the first family member of my relatives, and it is my nephew who called me'uncle' for the first time. But since my child was born, I couldn't afford to take care of my nephew, so I couldn't see it for a while, so I visited my cousin's sister's house for a very long time.

"Uncle~~~" When I came, they were nephews who always jumped in a hilarious voice and welcomed them, but the cheerful sound was not heard that day. "The kids are still in the academy." Said the older sister and the older brother. Of course it was an evening appointment, so I thought I would be at home, but after 8 pm, the children returned home. "Isn't it difficult for the school?" When I asked my niece having a late dinner, the answer was, "The school is so fun! I can talk to my friends!"

"Yeah? Then at school, can't you talk to your friends?"
"Yes, at school, don't talk with your friends. It's spitting..." After hearing the

situation, the appearance of the school after Corona was completely different. I have to keep wearing a mask at school, and I don't give presentations and questions during class. Music class without songs, physical education class without running... It is said that the teacher keeps watching to keep a distance of 1m from friends even during recess. And at lunchtime, most of the children go home to eat and go straight to the academy. A school where children's laughter disappeared, an empty playground. On the other hand, a busy school.

These are students who are living in the corona era.

For a moment, I remembered me from elementary school. A school song that starts with'looking at the Busan port far from the base of Gubongsan Mountain's sunny period.' There was a mountain behind the school and a sea in front. During the break, I crossed the playground with my friends and kicked the ball. During lunch, I sat down for three or five and forgot lunch. In the music class, I sang along with the teacher's punggeum accompaniment. When I was in my elementary school, I couldn't even remember to listen to the principal's words in the sun every Monday morning.

But when I heard my nephew's story, today's school was completely different from the school I remember. I feel sorry for the children because I think the next generation cannot enjoy the good memories of my school. Is it like adult responsibility? What else is missing when my child goes to school as well as my nephew? My mind became bitter when I thought about this or that.

In the corona era, schools were under the pressure to take responsibility for both children's safety and education. Faculty members are not quarantine specialists, and because of the nature of collective education, there is a danger that children should not do it because there is a risk of spreading even if one person is infected. So the children's laughter is being masked by the mask.

'Then what is the meaning of school?'

When I look back as an adult, the school is a place where the memories of hanging out with friends are more vivid than studying. It was also a place of learning to learn the wisdom and values ​​necessary to live. But if you can't hang out with friends anymore, what does school mean to your children? If it is a one-sided education that cannot ask for a presentation or question, is it necessary to have a'collective education'? Where can I find reasons why schools, not hagwons, should remain?

Private tutoring took its place, as if waiting for school to be postponed and replaced by online classes. My nephew says that he goes to school once a week, but he goes to academy seven times. The time spent in academy is longer than the time spent in school. In the school, I share stories I couldn't share with my friends at school, and fill in things I couldn't learn at school. On the other hand, children who did not receive private tutoring are said to have gathered in a class for 9 to 10 hours in the'Emergency Care Class'. Rather, the few children left in school feel pitiful. It is really a crisis of public education.

But this crisis is not just about Corona. It has been a long time since private education took the place of public education, and this situation only revealed the limitations of public education. I don't want good grades or good talent for my child. I just want to be healthy, go to school, play, learn, and have fun memories in it. But what can I do for my child if even this ordinary wind cannot be achieved in school today? If I do this, I will be a parent who is worried about which school to send my child to rather than what school.

When the corona is over, one, two, all will return. Schools will also normalize, but the position of public education is at stake. Public education is no longer just a step away, but it is time to take a big leap forward.

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