[Commentary] On the afternoon of July 3rd, the "Top of Huashan·Cloudy Sea Concert" began rehearsal in Huashan Scenic Area, Shaanxi. In order to complete this special performance on the steep Huashan West Peak, 225 cast members have been busy since a few days ago.

  [Explanation] For a professional-level concert, the discussion of "music" in Huashan faces many difficulties such as "how to move the instrument and how to do the big music". The reporter saw at the scene that the harp, guzheng, violin and other musical instruments at the concert "ride" the cable car to climb to the top of Huashan, and then the staff carried it to the Xifeng performance venue.

  [Explanation] Due to the steep terrain, this concert has adopted an unconventional arrangement to adapt, which also brings great challenges to the communication between musicians and conductors. In the previous indoor rehearsal, the Xi'an Symphony Orchestra and the choir conducted a 1:1 venue simulation in accordance with the Huashan environment to ensure that the perfect performance can still be presented under special circumstances. Repeated rehearsals can ensure the safety of musicians during official performances, and at the same time make the orchestra more comfortable in the field performances of the day.

  【Explanation】In addition to deciding elsewhere on the site, this concert has made great efforts in selecting and performing music.

  [Same period] Cao Jiwen, Brand Director of XSO Xi'an Symphony Orchestra

  Well, we also used a lot of thoughts on the selection of Huashan's repertoire. For example, for the opening song, we chose a work originally created by our old tune of Huayin and the symphony orchestra, "Singing will make Zhenshanchuan" a symphony concerto. So in the middle, there is "The First Symphony" by Teacher Zhao Jiping, and "Hero" by Teacher Tan Dun.

  [Same period] XSO Xi'an Symphony Orchestra Viola Zhuang Shen

  The first is that we have always performed more occasions in concert halls, so when performing in Huashan, first of all, we feel that this nature has a strong visual impact on me. Then in our selection, whether it’s Chinese works, Teacher Zhao Jiping’s “Symphony No. 1”, or foreign works, such as Wagner’s “The Valkyrie”, it’s such a magnificent selection. . So when I just played here, combined with this natural scenery, I did have goose bumps. It is such a feeling, especially shocked.

  [Commentary] Cao Jiwen said that this time the music and Huashan appointment, the team planned for nearly a year. Playing at the top of Huashan Mountain, both the player and the audience, will feel a passion that indoor performance cannot produce. I hope that through the integration of music and nature, it can attract more people to feel music and love life.

  [Commentary] It is reported that the "Huashan Peak·Cloudy Sea Concert" will be officially broadcast on the evening of July 4, allowing more domestic and foreign audiences to appreciate Huashan's natural wonders and cultural connotations.

  Dangye Shaanxi Xi'an Report

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