Saitama Prefecture: 17 new infections totaling 1215 people New Corona July 4, 20:53

Saitama Prefecture announced on the 4th that 17 new people were confirmed infected with the new coronavirus. The total number of infected people on the 4th in Saitama Prefecture was 27.

According to Saitama Prefecture, new infections were confirmed in Soka City, Misato City, and 6 men and women in their teens to 70s living in Higashimatsuyama City, and 11 people whose gender and age are not known so far. There are 17 people in total.

All of the 6 people whose details are known have stable symptoms, but 2 of these have no known route of infection and are being investigated in detail by the prefecture.

With this, the total number of people infected with the new coronavirus announced in Saitama Prefecture is 12,15.