At 8:00 on July 2 and 3:00 on July 3, heavy rain fell in Leping City, Jiangxi Province, taking 161.5 millimeters as the largest in Laojin Mountain, Wukou Town, Leping City. Rainfall caused more than 7,000 people to be affected in Hukou Town, Leping City. In this town, Chengjiadun Village transferred 96 households with a population of more than 170 people.

  In addition, the reporter learned from the Leping Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters that the heavy rains led to a total of 17,162 people affected by the disaster in Leping City, 218 emergency resettlement people, and 1,341 hectares of crops affected by the disaster, which directly caused economic losses of 10.84 million yuan. .

  In response to the continued rainfall in the later period, Leping City launched a flood control emergency level IV response at 17:30 on July 3, requiring townships (streets), parks and related member units of the prevention index, large and medium-sized reservoirs to strengthen duty watch, encryption monitoring forecast , Strengthen the safety inspections of mountain torrents, geological hazards, small and medium-sized rivers, embankments, pumping stations, reservoirs and mountain ponds, timely open and close the gates, timely drainage, timely transfer of threatened people in low-lying areas, take effective measures Defense work to ensure safety during flood season. (Reported by Xu Guangping Wang Yizhou and Leping Jiangxi)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]