Ibaraki Newly confirmed infection of males in their 50s 183 people in the prefecture New Corona July 4 18:09

Ibaraki Prefecture announced on the 4th that one male in his 50s newly living in Yuki City was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. In Ibaraki Prefecture, infected people were confirmed for three consecutive days, and the total number of infected people so far has reached 183.

According to Ibaraki Prefecture, a new infection was confirmed in a self-employed foreign man in his 50s living in Yuki City.

From the 2nd of this month, the man felt nausea and dizziness and went to the hospital, and on the 4th, he was confirmed to be infected as a result of PCR.

He is hospitalized at a medical institution with moderate symptoms such as pneumonia. The prefecture decides to investigate the infection route in detail.

New infections were confirmed in Ibaraki prefecture for three consecutive days, and a total of 183 people have been infected so far. Of these, 10 have died and 156 have been discharged.