But Asala chose today to stand in the other row opposite the people’s class, as she launched a new song entitled "Love and Peace" in which she supported the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who greatly restricted the freedoms of Egyptians since he came to power after the coup that he carried out against the elected President Mohamed Morsi.

She appeared in the song as she chanted words that greeted courage and peace together, while images of Arab and foreign leaders, including Anwar Sadat and Gandhi, appeared in the background, and the image of Sisi appeared alongside the Libyan mujahid Omar Mukhtar.

After this song, the name Asala Nasri was transformed into a tag on social media platforms, as Mouradoune compared her stance towards the Syrian and Egyptian presidents, considering that there is no difference between them in the repression and violation of human rights as documented by international human rights institutions, in addition to the appearance of Sadat's image on the word peace, This was considered by singers as a link to peace and normalization with Israel.

Among the tweets monitored by the eighth newsletter, “Your publication” on (7/7/2020), was a tweet by the Syrian writer Halim Kawa, in which he said, “Many are shocked by the new clip of Asala and the presence of Sisi with a song about love and peace! A military figure with love and peace is not seized .. even if He was a patriotic person .. he remained. How if he was a criminal and a dictator who gained power through a military coup ... What made the difference between his rule and the rule of the Assad family in Syria is that I took a courageous and morally strong position !!

While the journalist Mona Hawa criticized the artist, Asala, saying, “Asala Nasri’s clip is an example of the process of framing in directing the audience, Sisi’s image emanates from Omar’s chosen image with rudeness and in the background she sings“ I am motivated to the end, I am the successor of our Lord! ”And the picture of Anwar Sadat, the godfather of the“ peace treaty ”with the occupation It coincides with the phrase "I am peace!"

In turn, the artist, Reem Fadel, addressed Asala, saying, "The right of freedom for Egyptian detainees in the basements of Sisi is no less or different than the right to freedom for Syrian detainees in Assad's prisons. The concepts of revolution, freedom, justice and accountability of dictatorial regimes are concepts that do not accept division and are not subject to the law of relativity and personal interests, artist of the revolution." Great. "

On the other hand, the song, Zahraa El Badi, said, "The most thing we need with time is that we hear the rage of songs, all positive, love and peace on his name ... a complete and integrated work on all sides, and in terms of the main significance and the great message that she loved receiving the originality with the song, because the woman is the basis of everything that makes Positive and Impossible in Life. "