Jimin (29), who is in dispute with the controversy over harassing Kwon Min-ah (27), a girl group AOA fellow member, leaves the team.

ANC's FNC Entertainment said on the 5th, "Jimin decided to leave AOA after this time and stop all entertainment activities."

FNC said, "I'm sorry that many people are worried about what's going on with Jimin." I apologize."

Jimin has been an AOA leader and a main rapper in 2012.

He was overwhelmed by the controversy that he constantly harassed actor Kwon Min-ah, 27, an AOA member.

On the 3rd, Kwon Min-a revealed that she had left AOA because of Jimin and tried to make an extreme choice.

As a result, Jimin apologized to Kwon Min-ah, but his apology was again controversial.

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