It was later announced that the broadcaster, Ahn Young-mi (37), married a boyfriend in February and became a legal couple.

According to a YouTube broadcast today (4th), Ahn Young-mi revealed this in a video commemorating the exclusive contract of the Media Lab seesaw with Eun-i Song as its representative.

This video was made in the form of a press conference in which celebrities Shin Bong-seon and Kim Shin-young ask Ahn Young-mi and Song Eun-i.

In the video, Ahn Young-mi said, "Exactly on February 28, 2020, the marriage was filed."

When Kim Shin-young asked, "Why didn't you tell me about it then?" I was surprised because I didn't.”

Ahn Young-mi has been dating her non-celebrity boyfriend since 2015. 

(Photo = YouTube capture)