Organic tomatoes and beans (illustration image). - SIPA

Organic for all purses? This is what VRAC (Towards a Joint Purchasing Network) offers, a network of associations that facilitate access to organic products. In this network of associations, we offer products from organic farming for all budgets. Brut went to the premises of Saint-Fons, a very poor city, located on the outskirts of Lyon, which is home to one of the 14 groups of VRAC Lyon. It is important for VRAC to be present in these places  ", believes its founder Boris Tavernier.

The latter notes a two-speed power supply. “There are people who can consume well, who can buy what they want, maintain themselves physically and be in good health. And unfortunately, there are the poorest, who are often even victims of double punishment, ”he deplores. It must be said that access to organic products remains a marker of social inequality today. In 2017, a basket of organic fruits and vegetables was 79% more expensive than an equivalent basket of conventional products, according to UFC-Que Choisir.

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