Group tracks actor Roh Min-woo (34) and Japan's top actress Ayase Haruka (35) have denied love, and this time, two'marriage' reports have drawn attention.

On the 2nd, Japanese magazine Women Seven reported that there was a man who had a secret relationship with Ayase Haruka for two years, and that he was Roh Min-woo from Korea. He also raised the possibility of Ayase Haruka's marriage.

The media spoke to an official and said, "From the end of last year, the story of Haruka Ayase getting married after the Tokyo Olympics circulated." "Ayase Haruka is one of the sort of'Olympic faces' in the Olympic sponsored ad, so the privacy change wasn't until the end of the Olympics, so there were some presses trying to report the news of the marriage earlier this year, but it wasn't articled," he said. Officials also added.

However, the spread of Corona 19 delayed the Tokyo Olympics, and Ayase Haruka's marriage plan changed. The media said, "There is also a theory that you will get married or announce an engagement without waiting for the Olympics."

Earlier, the media first reported the passion of two people on the 1st. It was said that the two people they met with the introduction of acquaintances started dating in earnest since Roh Min-woo was discharged in July 2018 and have been having a secret relationship for two years.

Both sides immediately denied the passion. The agency of Roh Min-woo and Ayase Haruka each wrote, "It is true that they are between friends, but not more."

Meanwhile, Roh Min-woo made his debut as a Trax member in 2004, and since 2008 he has been an actor and has been active in Korea and Japan. They appeared in the dramas'Pasta','My Girlfriend is Gumiho','Minders','Full House Take 2','God's Gift-14 Days', and'Best Marriage'. The latest appearance is MBC drama'Swordsman and Man Season 2'broadcast last year.

Ayase Haruka debuted in 2001 through the Nippon TV drama ``The Boy Detective Kim Jeon-il'' and established itself as a Japanese national actor through various works such as the drama ``The Light of Hotaru'', ``Screaming Love at the Center of the World'' and ``White Night Line''. . He is also one of the most recognized actors in Korea.

Reporter Kang Sun-ae  

(SBS funE Reporter Kang Sun-ae)