China News Service, July 3, the music group competition show "Hot Us" will usher in the sixth phase of the team qualifier 5 into 4 tonight. In the first round of the competition, each group will send the vocal in the group to act as a full open wheat contest and invoice on site to fight for the team to enter the safe area.

  The second round of the competition is "Defeat you in your BGM". Each group reinterprets the work of the friendly group to see which group is the most innovative and willing to win the four qualifying places in the group king qualifier. In this round, the "Calorie" adapted by the Rainbow Chorus made the Rocket Girl cry without crying.

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  Vocal music serves as the face of a group of musical strength. In this issue of "Hot We", the lead singers of the five groups gathered on the same stage PK, all open wheat, no pre-recording, no re-recording, one pass, the most test of singing skills.

  Li Ziting will play on behalf of the Rocket Girl, but the sudden physical discomfort undoubtedly doubled her pressure, and insisted on choosing the super difficult song "Torment." R1SE Zhao Lei has not performed solo on the public stage since the "Creative Camp 2019" competition. This lead duel is a challenge and an opportunity for him; SNH48 GROUP is played by Kong Xiaoyin, who has debuted for eight years and has a unique voice The lead singer of Panicillin, Xiao Le, is naturally unwilling to do his part. Each of the rainbow choirs is responsible for vocal music. Among them, Wang Xin, who is trusted by the members of the group, is responsible for this important task, which is also very exciting.

  In choosing the work of the Friends Group, the Rocket Girl "adapted" from the Rainbow Chorus "I Like". This adaptation is not only different from the original style. When the limited group is about to expire, all the members are also involved in this stage creation. No matter the rap lyrics writing, melody adaptation, or post-production, each member will play To his own strengths.

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  This time R1SE performed the "Dream at Dawn" of the Panicillin Band. In the previous rounds of team battles, the two groups went from strange to familiar. R1SE's understanding of this work is also more profound. Interestingly, R1SE wrote "Never Surrender" when he participated in the group show "The Fall of the Eleventh Boy" last year. This work, which has never had a stage version, was selected by SNH48 GROUP this round.

  The Penicillin Band, like Rocket Maiden 101, also caught the work of the Rainbow Chorus. Xiaole changed "Sky" to the "Sky of Shanghai" style and blended the Panicillin-style burst stage to present a hearty stage show. The Rainbow Chorus delineated the work of the Friendship Group as "Calorie" of Rocket Girl 101. This adaptation is not only a subversive style, but also the "Sentiment Killing" and tribute to the soul of the group also made the Rocket Girl tears.