Kwon Min-a, an actor from AOA, a girl group, is expected to have a wave as she complains of psychological distress and suggests that there was disagreement with someone in the background of leaving AOA.

On the 3rd, Kwon Min-ah captured and revealed that a netizen who sent to her SNS sent a bad message saying, "Take it off" with a direct message (DM).

Kwon Min know, "I really want to take care of so much off and mom. Oh another ohgetda lot of contact munoe that's right. I do not hit it munoe learned properly. Haetgeodeun earn money from an early age due to family circumstances," he said.

In the meantime, Kwon Min-a spoke about the mental pain she suffered from discord with someone during her AOA activities. He said, "Dad Does died once right in the lobby which my sister I was too scared not to cry and mood blurred friggin dragged into the waiting room closet, because you, my dad because I think your going to die soon. I'm still harassing another forgotten not say that? another bath? it's okay wounds, but eat later hypnotics ditch tranquilizer in the wind as the car ride ditched just soaking me and schedule to be properly felt something that I had growing network. Cause I had also attempted suicide because of her sister, "he confessed.

Following "or idol and actor haejwodo not recognized right.'Re lack much really I can not. But I was so happy and really did work hard. Really loved profession. Had never stress not as one because one who hates me and I did not want to quite frankly AOA withdrawal blows degree harassment, a 10-year bear being the end honestly, I want to go back and eye bath even once. I gave up eventually AOA, I went after it hard yeotgeodeun "shocking revelations that had the activity of the other gripping member.

Kwon Min-ah, who confessed disagreement with a member during the AOA, said the partner had recently received a father injury. He said, "But've gone that my sister my father returned a few days ago. I over the heart is too painful feeling. That hurt, at least I am I know. Funeral I went the day let hadeora that even crying sorry vanity and a crumbling naeryeoteo mind.'Ve been just empty grudge He added.

However, Kwon Min-a still complained that she still had mental pain. Kwon Min know, "it's okay jyeotneunde afraid I encountered or too broken. Interregnum, of course, did you expect. It did doegetda you that actor or treating depression, panic disorder, anxiety. But he is also the advent of so many things during the interregnum honestly exhausted right. like a horse that netizens? on the Internet of people I do not know who I am moreugetgo doing lover. sileodo view enamored hate loud and listening, I'm not going where I was born I wanted was born. I mouth and have a hand now I myself designed this control. . ᅬ ᅥᆷ ᅥᆷ ᅡ때 ᆫ ᆫ ᆫ ᅦ ᅦ ᅡᆯ ᅡᆯ ᅡ ᅡ ᅦ ᅡᆯ ᅡᆯ ᅡ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᆷ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᅬ ᆷ ᆷ ᆷ ᅡᆫ줘 ᅩ ᅩ ᅫᆫ찮 ᅬ ᅳ ᆷ ᆷ ᆷ ᅩ ᅩ ᅳ

Subsequently, Kwon Min-ah posted an additional article and left a boned word to the AOA member who had a feud. When his father returned to the end of pancreatic cancer, he revealed that he couldn't see his father in the hospital room frequently because he was frustrated by various schedules and his'sister' and said, "Well, it's like," he said. "It's a lot of things." ᆫ ᆫ ᆫ ᅩ ᅯ ᅩ ᅩ ᅩ ᅩ ᅩ ᅩ ᅩ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎ ㅎ Every time I do, I'm enduring while taking pills, but I think I'm going to go through my life as a dad. I just spit it out, but I think I was really hurt."

Kwon Min-a debuted in the entertainment industry in 2012 as an AOA member, and left the team in May last year and turned into an actress. Jimin is the only member of the AOA member who recently received his father's award. Although Kwon Min-ah did not specify which of the AOA members had a feud in the article, there is speculation that Jimin wasn't sniping because of the phrase, "How long ago she was hurt by her father?"

(SBS funE Reporter Sunae Kang)