Kwon Min-a, an actor from the group AOA, revealed that she left the group after being bullied by the same group member for 10 years, and another AOA withdrawal member Yoo Kyung left a meaningful post on her Instagram.

Today (3rd) Yoo Kyung posted a photo on his Instagram with the phrase "When I wake up in the morning, I give up today's day first." Along with the photo, Yoo Kyung posted a part of the lyrics of'Leave It All Behind' by the band Sleeping With Sirens, saying "I honestly looked like everyone at the time."
The lyrics say, "I want to erase the pain in my heart. But I won't give up for those I love. So I'll say it'll be fine until the day I see the light (I wanna kill the pain I feel inside. But I won't quit for the people I love. So I'll say I'm fine until the day I f***ing see the light).

At the same time, Yoo Kyung added, “Like the lyrics of the song I heard yesterday, I have to overcome all of them again.” Another AOA withdrawal member Min-ah revealed that “After being bullied by the same member for 10 years, she resigned”. "Isn't that both Kwon Min-a and Kwon Min-a sniping both of the members exposed?"
Yoo Kyung also debuted as a member of AOA Black, the 2012 AOA band concept unit, but left the team in 2016. I was worried about Yugyeong, saying, "It's like a billionaire collapse."

However, some netizens are responding to me by saying, "It's only about throwing away this way", "Is Kwon Min-a the same?"

(Photo = Kwon Min-a, Seo Yu-kyung Instagram)