In a flash, half of 2020 is over. How has your life been in this extraordinary half year? Why did you cry? Why did you laugh? Why was it troubled? Why was you proud? What has changed in life and ideas? What is the summary of the past? What do you expect from the future? We have selected nine Chinese characters. Does it include those unforgettable commemorations in your first half of life? Do you have your hopes and expectations for future life? Which one do you pick the most?


  A sudden epidemic caused almost everyone's life rhythm and pace in the first half of the year to develop around it. From the initial disorientation and panic, to today's calmness and confidence, we have learned too much after this epidemic. Every price we are willing to pay has become the driving force that will make us better in the future.


  Whether we are willing to "house" or unwilling to "house", in the first half of the year, we have more or less lived a "house life" for a long time. However, the same "house" has different results. Some people are ten pounds fat, some people develop abdominal muscles; some people live by takeout, some people practice cooking skills; some people waste their studies, some people get new skills; some people Bored and dazed all day long, some people are trying to overtake in the corner... What about you? What does "house" look like?


  I have been familiar with those eight characters since my childhood. And in the first half of the past, I once again experienced the friendship contained in these eight words. Whether it is the help of "hot noodles" from all parts of the country, or the selfless dedication of overseas descendants to the country of origin, of course, including the foreign aid of "mountains and mountains in a foreign land, the same sky and the sky", people feel warm.


  In the past six months, even the tough guy who once again claimed that "there are no tears," is inevitably filled with tears. For the white warrior who is resolutely retrograde, for the sacrifice of the first-line human angel, for the compatriots tortured by the virus, for the "Wuhan cheering in China, cheering for China" in the same place, for the ordinary people to do their best "with the robe with the son" "The warriors who returned for the triumph finally reunited with their families, gradually reduced the epidemic data to zero, and reported good news about the progress of related scientific research...


  The postponement of the Olympic Games, the postponement of the start of school, the postponement of the college entrance examination, the postponement of the wedding ceremony... In the first half of the year, our lives encountered too many "postponements". But please believe that the "lateness" under special circumstances does not mean the "absence" of our happiness and success. They just come a little late, maybe we can cherish them more!


  Home office "cloud meeting"; online learning "cloud teaching"; to make friends "cloud party"; relatives and lovers "cloud reunion"...... In the first half of the year, who can live without the word "cloud"?


  What has changed in your life? It's not just wearing masks and washing hands that have become "instinctive" and "habits"; it's not just the use of public chopsticks and spoons that are getting more and more popular; not only the concept of life and health are being updated and iterated; not only have they become like thinking The philosophical problem of death and death... Reflection and change have become an important issue in the lives of many people for half a year.


  Some people say that because of the epidemic's isolation at home, they have objectively obtained a rare opportunity to accompany their family members. Yes! For a long time, we have been busy with school and career, but we often neglect the people who should not be ignored. Under the epidemic, in front of life and death, the meaning of the word "home" was magnified indefinitely, and Chinese people who always value "home" began to examine her and think about how to find a balance between the fast-paced modern life and her.


  "Health" and "xiaokang", a "kang" word, two beautiful hopes and expectations. I hope everyone is healthy and healthy, and I firmly believe that even if there are many difficulties in this special year, we can still achieve the tasks of poverty alleviation and overall well-off.

  Looking back at the first half of the year, which Chinese character do you remember?

  Looking into the second half of the year, which Chinese character are you eager to see?

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  Drawing: Lei Yuzhu

  Copywriter: Wang Kai