China News Service Quzhou, July 2 (Reporter Yao Jingwen Correspondent Huang Ziyi Zhang Xunfen) In Zhoujia Village, Qujiang District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Zhou Weijun, a major Chinese herbal medicine acquirer, is well known. He started from scratch and founded a professional cooperative of Chinese medicinal materials, and sold his hometown of Chinese medicinal materials to Shaanxi, Anhui, Fujian and other places. From the former "tattered king" to the "leading goose" who is now getting rich in the countryside, Zhou Weijun's successful transformation is the epitome of a well-off life in rural Zhejiang.

Zhou Weijun showed his Chinese herbal medicine to reporters. Provided by the Propaganda Department of Quzhou Municipal Committee

  It is understood that Zhou Weijun, 55, has suffered a lot as a child. He dropped out of school at the age of 15 and received more than ten years of tatters. In the process of harvesting the decaying, he found that the small citrus on the ground can be used as a medicinal material, which is not only profitable, but also saves time and effort than collecting the decaying. Seizing this small business opportunity, he gradually walked out of a path of prosperity for Chinese herbal medicines.

  Recently, the reporter walked into Shengnong Chinese Medicine Professional Cooperative and heard Zhou Weijun introduce his "baby": "These are Dijincao, which have the effect of treating dysentery. They are purchased from the surrounding farmers and are ready to be shipped to other companies."

  Looking back on the entrepreneurial history of these decades, Zhou Weijun has always believed that only honesty, small profits but quick turnover can go a long way. "You see this bunch of pomelo fruit, I bought it from farmers at a price of 50 yuan per kilogram, the sales price is 51 yuan per kilogram, and the profit is only a little, and the price has been basically stable for many years. Because of this, the farmers trust me and the business is getting bigger and bigger."

  In order to drive more folks to become rich, he led the establishment of a professional cooperative of Chinese herbal medicines. Through the land circulation, he built an 80-mu Chinese herbal medicine planting base. With the operation mode of "cooperatives + base + farmers", it attracted the participation of 20 farmers from the surrounding areas. After five years of operation, the local wild Dijincao and Pteridium chinense have become the main medicinal material varieties of the cooperative's purchase and sales business. The cooperative has become an effective carrier for local farmers to increase income. The annual transaction volume is more than 5 million yuan.

  After learning endlessly and improving the quality of life, Zhou Weijun continued to concentrate on studying the properties of various Chinese medicinal materials, paying attention to the market conditions of the Chinese medicinal materials, and gradually becoming an expert in the Chinese medicinal materials market. Now his annual family income is more than 400,000 yuan. After the interview, Zhou Weijun expressed the joy of Ben Xiaokang with a self-created sentiment: "The acquisition of Chinese medicinal materials made me rich and drove the next villager's money bag to swell..." (End)