The same CPU supercomputer "Furo" as "Fugaku" is put into operation. Nagoya University July 1, 15:55

The operation of "Furo", a supercomputer with the same processing equipment as "Fudake" that ranked first in the four world rankings, began at Nagoya University and was used to develop new drugs for new coronaviruses and analyze abnormal weather conditions. Expected to be utilized.

The operation began on the 1st at Nagoya University's supercomputer "Furo", and the name selected in the open call was "Flow", which means "flow" in computer terms and the place name of Furomachi, Chikusa-ku, where Nagoya University is located. Is the basis.

"Furo" is a system that is equipped with the same CPU = central processing unit as "Futaku", which became the world's No. 1 in the world ranking of supercomputers in four divisions, and supports AI = artificial intelligence research that is not in "Futake" It also has functions such as a recording medium that can be stored for 100 years.

In addition, it is equipped with a facility for displaying movies and other data on a large screen during simulation.

Nagoya University hopes to utilize "Furo" for the development of new drugs for the new coronavirus, analysis of abnormal weather such as super typhoons, and research on autonomous driving.

Kensaku Mori, Director of Information Technology Center, Nagoya University, said, "I think that it will be possible to do a lot of trials because it will be possible to perform fast calculations and produce good research results. I hope it will be used by people in a wide range of fields such as weather, earthquakes, and materials research." I am talking.