The European manufacturer Airbus has announced a vast redundancy plan. - Danial Hakim / AP / SIPA

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Airbus to cut 15,000 jobs, including 5,000 in France

It was expected, but the announcement still sounds like a thunderclap. Airbus is going to cut thousands of jobs. The global giant unveiled its post-health crisis “adaptation plan” on Tuesday during a European works council meeting in Blagnac, near Toulouse. As expected, it plans to cut 15,000 jobs, the most affected countries being France and Germany, with 5,000 and 5,100 departures respectively "at the latest in the summer of 2021". "Although forced measures cannot be excluded at this stage", the aircraft manufacturer assured in a press release that it "will work with its social partners to limit the impact of this plan by relying on all available social measures, including voluntary departures, early retirement measures, as well as long-term partial unemployment for activities that lend themselves to it ”.

For the position of Defender of rights, the Elysée wants Claire Hédon to succeed Jacques Toubon

After six years in office, Jacques Toubon, who was notably Minister of Justice from 1995 to 1997, must leave his position as Defender of Rights at the end of July. Emmanuel Macron advances this Tuesday evening the name of his successor, and it should be a woman: Claire Hédon, 57 years old and director since 2015 of the association ATD-Fourth World which fights against extreme poverty. "The President of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate are seized of this appointment project, so that the committee concerned in each of the assemblies decides" as provided for by the Constitution, adds the Elysee in a press release. Former radio journalist (RFI, France inter), she is also a member of the National Ethics Advisory Committee since 2017. Claire Hédon had welcomed Emmanuel Macron for several hours in an ATD-Fourth World center in Noisy-le-Grand (Seine -Saint-Denis) in September 2018, on the sidelines of the presentation of the government's poverty reduction strategy.

Paris: Eric Zemmour tried for racist "insult" after remarks against Islam and immigration

He should have been tried in January, but a strike by lawyers means that the trial had been postponed in May ... in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. This Thursday, no social movement or global pandemic should prevent Eric Zemmour from appearing before the 17th chamber of the Paris Criminal Court. The star polemicist is tried for "public insult of a racial nature" and "public provocation to racial hatred" after remarks against Islam and immigration made on September 28, 2019 during the "convention of the right", a rally organized by relatives of the former Frontist deputy, Marion Maréchal.


Coronavirus: Government asks Air France to avoid "forced" departures


"A few penknife shots have been taken to our rights", deplores Jacques Toubon, the Defender of Rights

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