Actor Roh Min-woo from the group Trax was caught up in Japanese top stars and pink rumors.

Japanese magazine woman Seven said on the 2nd, "Ayase Haruka (36) and No Min-woo (35) met with an acquaintance's introduction two years ago to develop into a lover. "I've been nurturing love by breaking down busy times."

In response, both sides immediately began to explain. Noh Min-woo's agency, MJ Dreamsys, denied, "The two's passion is true. It's just between friends." Ayase Haruka's agency also dismissed "It is only a relationship between friends and not more."

Roh Min-woo, who made his debut as Trax's drummer in 2004, has transformed himself into an actor since 2008 and has been active. Recently, he appeared in the MBC drama'Swordsman and the Man Season 2'.

Ayase Haruka is a top star who debuted in 2001 through the Nihon TV drama'Boy Detective Kim Jeon-il'. It was widely known to domestic fans as the drama'Light of Hotaru', the movie'Cyborg She', and'Sea Village Diary'.

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)