Beijing News (Reporter Zhang He) Recently, some netizens exposed a Vietnamese food blogger who copied Li Ziqi’s video ideas, whether it’s shooting content, camera language, narrative rhythm, or hairstyle, dressing, kitchen furnishings, etc. "Paste", there are even grandma and puppies in the video.

  The Vietnamese blogger introduced on YouTube that he lives in a small village in northern Vietnam. The video focuses on the healthiest foods and vegetables that she grows, absolutely no meat. At present, the blogger's single video playback has reached one million, and many overseas netizens have left messages saying that they are too similar to Li Ziqi's video.

  On this matter, the Beijing News interviewed lawyer Zhao Hu of Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm. The other party said that this was a very complicated situation. "Copyright Law" stipulates the "dichotomy of thought and expression" in the copyright, that is, the law only protects expression, not ideas. However, due to the different circumstances of specific cases, the law does not clearly stipulate the boundary between "expression" and "thought". For example, the picture in Li Ziqi's video belongs to story expression, but the concept of rural life should also belong to thought. However, the use of lenses that belong to techniques may also belong to ideas in certain dimensions. Therefore, the similarities in the use of the lens, shooting content, hairstyle, styling, etc., whether it is thought or expression, still need to be further analyzed in detail based on details.

  Zhao Hu believes that if the Vietnamese blogger's expression of video shooting is similar to that of Li Ziqi, it will inevitably infringe the latter's copyright. "Even if the other party is Vietnamese, publishing videos on social platforms in other countries will also infringe. The copyright of authors in China also needs to bear the responsibility of infringement. However, it is more difficult to protect rights, because in the application of laws, it is necessary to refer to international conventions or bilateral agreements on intellectual property rights.

  However, if both parties use the pastoral as the creative shooting video, and also use the life of a woman and the old man to express the pastoral tranquility, Zhao Hu believes that the infringement cannot be determined, because this part belongs to the creative idea, "so we can’t proceed with the judgment. Fuzzy contrast, but need to combine specific video content to accurately compare similar expressions."