Fireball in the night sky? Explosion sound? Sky over Kanto Post 7:50 on 2nd July


In the early morning of the 2nd, in the Kanto areas such as Tokyo, there were many posts on the internet SNS that there was an explosion. There is also a post that is said to have taken a picture of a "thing like a ball of light" flowing over the sky at similar times.

After 2:30 am on the 2nd, there were loud sounds like explosions in Tokyo and other parts of the Kanto region, such as "The explosion sounded like a bone caused the house to shake a bit," and "The explosion sounded like a thunder had dropped." I wrote on Twitter one after another.

According to the Tokyo Fire Department, no fires have been confirmed in Tokyo during this time.

On SNS, many pointed out that the cause might be a “fireball” flowing in the sky, and a video was also posted that showed a “thing like a ball of light” flowing in the sky. I will.

According to KAGAYA, the starry sky artist who shot the movie, something like a ball of light was past 2:30 am and flowed from west to east over Tokyo. Mr. KAGAYA said, "I heard this for the first time if it was a sound from a fireball," because he heard a roaring sound that could be heard indoors a few minutes after the light ball was projected.