Kim Min-a, a broadcaster who gained popularity by speaking over the line, was controversial about the story of'Beyond the Line'. What Kim Min-a said to a middle school student later spread to sexual harassment.

Kim Min-ah is appearing in the corner'Wat the Back' in the government-run YouTube channel'Korea Government'. On May 1st, a video titled'Kim Min-ah ... pitiful ㅠㅠ junior high school student ㅣWhat the back season 2 ep.3' was posted in this corner, and Kim Min-a's comments in this video were lately spoken.

In this video, Mina Kim had a video conversation with Group A, a middle school student who started school online with Corona Virus Infection-19 (Corona 19).

During a conversation like this, Kim Min-a asked group A, who would spend a lot of time staying at home with Corona 19, "It's a lot of energy, but where do you extract it from?" When A-group laughed, Kim Min-a asked, "Why laugh? You think the same way as me?"

Then, Mina Kim asked, "What is good about the house?" When A responded, "Mom is not good at home, it's good." Kim Min-Ah expressed a meaningful expression and asked again, "What do you do when you're alone?"

The netizens who watched this video provoked displeasure with Kim Min-ah, who asked questions to induce sexual responses against middle school students. In addition to the comments on the video, criticisms such as "What question is this for middle school students?"

As the controversy grew, the video was deleted without any explanation.

(SBS funE Reporter Sunae Kang)