China News Service, June 30 (Xinhua) Recently, a youth inspirational drama "Reading Class" starring Song Zuer and Hou Minghao was held. The show is the "Work on the Mountain" since the establishment of Can Star Television. It will be filmed in Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places for a four-month filming.

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  "Reading Class" is directed by Shen Xiaohai and starring Song Zuer, Hou Minghao, Sun Jian, Chen Bing and other actors. The play tells the story of Wu Jiashu, a literary girl who loves books and superficially, but actually has severe dyslexia. There is an emotional story of laughter and tears between the new generation idol Lu Xingchen.

  In the play, Wu Zhashu, a young literary girl played by Song Zuer, helps her aunt go abroad to take care of a small bookstore. Lu Xingchen (Hou Minghao) became the spokesperson of Gao Leng Xueba in the hearts of the public because of a negligence of a brokerage intern. But he suffers from severe dyslexia. Under the tremendous mental pressure, the upright young man who was facing the collapse of human settings at any time and lacked a sense of security was troubled by insomnia, but inadvertently fell asleep in the doghouse of Jiashu Bookstore. Since then, Lu Xingchen has asked Wu Jiashu to make up for himself by taking the name of the cultural variety "Reading Class". As a result, two young people who could not have been hit by the baton accidentally concluded a support contract.

  Unlike many previous youth dramas that focus on sweet pets, "Reading Class" advocates "using books as a medium, reading changes life". The plot takes the recording of the cultural variety "Reading Class" as a clue to cleverly develop the male and female protagonists. The emotional context is connected with a series of excellent works from ancient and modern times.

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  At the start-up ceremony, Zhang Jun, chairman of Can Star Film & TV, said: "We hope that through the excavation of each subject in the "Reading Lesson", we will collide with the soul of traditional culture again and again to answer the confusion and confusion of young people and promote cultural self-confidence. And positive energy, passed on to young audiences who have the courage to break through, correct themselves, and move forward steadily."

  Director Shen Xiaohai said excitedly: "I turned it on immediately. I now have an impulse, expectation, and a little bit of ice. I have fallen in love with this drama as if I were treating my children carefully. We all cried for this drama. , Laughed. In order to pursue quality, we work overtime for one month in a row, we want to make a drama of conscience for everyone to see."