Zhongxin.com, June 30, according to the official Weibo news of the Shanghai Hongkou District Information Office, in response to the online report that "the compensation for the highest one in the demolition of the North Bund is 680 million", the Shanghai Hongkou District Information Office broke the rumor on the 30th that the news is purely made up.

  According to the Shanghai Hongkou District Information Office, the North Bund belongs to the Hongkou District of Shanghai and is located at the intersection of the Huangpu River and the Suzhou River. It has a unique geographical advantage and forms the “Golden Triangle” in the center of Shanghai with the Bund and Lujiazui. The only area that has the possibility of film planning and large-scale development. According to the development plan of Shanghai, Hongkou will make every effort to establish the North Bund as a new benchmark for urban development in the new era. The Hongkou District Government will, as always, strictly implement the old reform and expropriation policy, and with the strong support of the majority of residents, openly, transparently, and orderly advance the work on the North Bund.