Prosecution of Vietnamese man Prosecution voluntary investigation by illegal police investigation Toyama June 30, 16:43

Last month, the prosecutor's office prosecuted a Vietnamese 20-year-old man who lived with him for murder in the case of the body of a Vietnamese trainee male found in Toyama. In this case, the court did not approve the detention because the investigation by the police before the arrest was an illegal investigation, and the prosecution voluntarily investigated it.

The prosecution was a Vietnamese nationality, a former technical intern trainee, Go Khong Min, (20).

According to the indictment, Mr. Got stabbed Nguyen Van Duc (21 at the time), a technical intern trainee who lived in an apartment in Toyama city with the same Vietnamese nationality, around this time with a knife. He is charged with the murder.

Go was also charged with abandoning his body for abandoning Mr. Nguyen's body in a nearby gutter.

Regarding this case, the Toyama District Court said, ``It is the same as the arrest that it was the same as the arrest that it was staying in a hotel for 6 days until it was arrested for suspicion of corpse, monitored and interrogated at the police station. It was an investigation." Since the Supreme Court rejected the special prosecution prosecution, it did not admit detention on murder charges, so there was a voluntary investigation of murder charges.

The prosecutor's office has not revealed whether he has admitted the charges.