The Enola Holmes movie is based on novels by Nancy Springer and the title role will be played by Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger things), writes Swedish Radio's Culture News.

Sherlock Holmes also appears in the series, and this is the portrayal that made Arthur Conan Doyle's death estate sour.

Free to use in 2023

The lawsuit states that Holmes is almost as well-known for being emotional and distant as for his brilliant observation ability, CNN writes.

The copyright for most Sherlock Holmes books has expired, but not all belong to the public domain until 2023.

In one of Nancy Springer's books, Sherlock Holmes's companion Watson disappears and Sherlock becomes worried.

"In none of the books that constitute public property does Holmes express such sentiments," the application states, according to CNN.

The estate writes on its website that this is the second time in 40 years you have seen the need to issue a lawsuit.