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Each year, a French person spends around 200 euros on gambling. Obviously this is an average, because those who do their Loto every week or who spend their days scrutinizing the results of horse races or football matches after having bet spend significantly more.

Last year, if the inhabitants of the Hexagon played less compared to five years ago, those who risked it were on the other hand in more intensive practices according to a vast study published Tuesday.

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Poker, the lottery or even scratch games remain one of the favorite distractions of the French who devote around 10% of their leisure budget, up 12.5% ​​over the last five years.

Last year, however, they played a little less than in 2014: 47.2% of French people did it at least once during the past year, against 56.2% five years ago, according to the first survey of its kind in five years, conducted among 10,352 French people aged 18 to 75 by Public Health France, the French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction and the Games Observatory.

This is not the case for the sports betting category, which has recorded an increase of around 60% and is now played by 11% of players.

Addiction to sports betting

The volume of sports betting has been “multiplied by 2.8 in five years with even more growth for Internet betting”, according to the study, while the opening of online gaming dates back to 2010. And with a not insignificant consequence: addiction. If they are played by only a little more than one player in ten on the other hand "a fifth to a quarter of the problematic game can be attributed to them".

Problem gambling includes players at moderate risk or "in difficulty but who have not yet lost control, and excessive gamers who have become addicted," explains Jean-Michel Costes of the Games Observatory. 

Addicts who are often less active professionally and belong to lower socio-educational backgrounds than other players. If they represent 6% of the players, they generate 38.3% of the turnover of the sector. A proportion of excessive players that has doubled in five years, going from 0.8 to 1.6% of players.

“In terms of public health, we are very far from other addictions such as alcohol or tobacco, which affect many more people. But there is a significant increase in the number of people in difficulty, "explains Jean-Michel Costes, for whom this development and the increase in expenses" may seem worrying ", even though they were measured before the privatization of the FDJ. , in November 2019.


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