[Global Times-Global Reporter reporter Zhao Juejuan] The official website of the US Department of Commerce issued a statement on the 29th local time, saying that it has canceled special relevant treatment for Hong Kong, including the suspension of export license exemptions, and is conducting a differential treatment evaluation. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yuee, responded on the 30th that Hong Kong has been affected so little, "I believe the country will also take countermeasures when necessary. If the countermeasures proposed by the central government at the diplomatic level require Hong Kong, With the cooperation of the SAR Government, we will definitely cooperate fully."

  On the 29th local time, US Secretary of State Pompeo said that he would stop exporting controlled defense equipment to Hong Kong from now on, and that the United States will require an application for a permit before exporting to Hong Kong for military-civilian related technologies.

  Regarding the latest sanctions by the United States, Lin Zhengyue said in a meeting with reporters before the Executive Council on the 30th that the United States obtains a trade surplus of US$30 billion from Hong Kong every year, and now only requires the export of military and military-civilian products to apply for export licenses. It means that no export is allowed. "Many of our industries that use these products may have substitutes. The impact on Hong Kong will be very, very small." "Any sanctions will not scare us, and we are all mentally prepared." Lin Zhengyue said.