Kindergarten children Challenge drone operation Kumamoto June 30, 15:43

In Kumamoto City, an effort was made to have a kindergarten child try a drone in order to gain the ability to complete the task while repeating failures.

This initiative was carried out for the first time by the “Keisu Kindergarten” in Minami-ku, Kumamoto City. To prevent infection with the new coronavirus, thorough ventilation was provided and the children were also able to take time.

Approximately 100 seniors participated in the event, with a lightweight drone passing through a wheel suspended in a tent or landing wherever it was intended.

The children were struggling to operate, but they were desperately operating the drone controller while listening to the teacher's advice.

When the drone floated in the air, he shouted, "Wow," "Wow," and he looked excited.

The children who participated said, "It was difficult, but it was fun. I want to do it at home."

“I think it was a great experience for the children to try and make errors, and I am glad that they felt both difficult and fun,” said Ms. Asami Ishizaka, the teacher and teacher of Kamimizu Kindergarten.