News! Huang Zhifeng and many other chaos in Hong Kong announced their withdrawal from the "Hong Kong Zhongzhi"

  Overseas Network June 30, Hong Kong riot Huang Zhifeng announced on social media on the 30th that he would resign as the Secretary General of "Hong Kong Zhongzhi" and withdraw from the "Hong Kong Independence" organization "Hong Kong Zhongzhi". In addition, according to reports from Hong Kong media such as Radio Television Hong Kong, Luo Guancong and Zhou Ting also announced their withdrawal from "Hong Kong Zhongzhi".

  Under the guise of "Aspirations to Congregation", the organization "Hong Kong Public Zhi" used the black hands of external forces to deliberately control Hong Kong's tomorrow. "Zhongzhi" advocates "independence" but colludes internally and externally, pretends to be "self-determination", reverses black and white to netizens, strongly incites youth, and engages in "Hong Kong independence" activities. The "Hong Kong Public Chronicles" once cut off the road to parliament because the "Self-determination Program" did not conform to the Basic Law, and the political power plummeted. However, ascending the "foreign master", these abandoned children are provided with a "waste utilization" opportunity. From meeting foreign dignitaries and asking for a group photo, to begging the US Congress to pass a Hong Kong-related bill, to visiting foreign countries to sell beggars and seeking external assistance to intervene, they are the most common routines.